"Chainsmoker" for 40 years Stops Smoking with first use of revolutionary new program, despite all other methods failing miserably - Discover how you can easily follow his technique and quit smoking too.

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Bob Lee "Lifetime Smoker" pioneers revolutionary new Stop Smoking technique that can turn you into a non smoker in next to no time at all.

From The Desk of Bob Lee

Dear Smoker Friend,

Are you sick and tired of making promises to yourself and your loved one's, that one day soon, you're going to finally Quit smoking, but you think of a million reasons why you shouldn't just yet, so you put it off "Until next time".
I'm right there with you guys - I was forever telling myself that I should quit, but I always managed to find, even the most ludicrous excuse to stop me in my tracks. I've smoked for over 40 years during which time I've made around a dozen failed attempts to quit smoking, until this year when I finally cracked it!

stop smoking

Before you can quit smoking properly, you have to break free from the Nicotine addiction, and it’s no use substituting one source of nicotine for another either. Once you appreciate the way that nicotine works, you will understand why Nicotine Replacement Therapies (Patches, Gums, Inhaltors etc.) cannot work in your best interests, and can end up costing you just as much as your smoking habit! - Yup, I've been there!

stop smoking

Look, this might be easy for me to say now, but Stopping Smoking is so much easier than you think, or rather, than the way you've conditioned yourself to think! - As a smoker, you want to believe that quitting is really difficult so you render this "misconception" in your mind, as a form of safety barrier that prevents you from trying to quit, and so the cycle continues.

Although I was totally overjoyed that I'd created such a painless Quit Smoking sytem, I actually felt disappointed that I didn't get any of the expected withdrawal symptoms, it was an anti climax of sorts and got me real angry - I could have quit so many years ago if I'd known what I know now!

stop smoking  


Smokers are actually addicted to the calming and soothing effect that cigarettes present when they're confronted with anxiety related situations. Nicotine makes smokers more susceptible to angst situations in the first place and then tricks the mind into believing that cigarettes are the cure, thereby maintaining the elevated anxiety state and fuelling the need for the next cigarette! - clever stuff!

How else can you rationalize a sensible human being duped into spending an absolute fortune on something that he is fully aware will kill him, slowly and horribly over time, whilst being socially unpleasant to the remainder of the population.

stop smoking

 I bet you've used one or more of the following excuses
to prevent you from even attempting to quit:

If I quit smoking I'll put on weight and that'll be just as bad for my health as if I were smoking so I may as well carry on smoking.

I've been smoking for so long that the damage is already done - what’s the point in quitting now, I may as well carry on smoking.

I enjoy smoking when I go out for a drink with friends and if I quit smoking I won't see them as often.

My job is really stressful so I need to keep smoking as this helps me remain calm under pressure and helps me to concentrate.

There's no need to quit fully - I can just cut back to a few a day and still enjoy the pleasure smokes - then I can quit whenever I want.

Quitting is extremely hard - I don't have the willpower to cope with it.

If I quit I won't know what to do with myself.

I've tried quitting before and couldn't do it so it would be a complete waste of my time.

If I quit, I’ll be really bad tempered and may jeopardize my relationship with my partner.

stop smoking

Enough excuses - Isn't it time that you gave it your best shot?
Let me hold your hand for 4 days and I'll get you through the tough times, step by step, and I'll even make it
 more fun than you ever dreamed it could be. Quitting smoking doesn't get any easier than the way I'm about to share with you - Seriously!

Put aside any preconceived ideas, fears or doubts - Look at me, big time smoker for over 40 years and I managed to finally quit using this system.
If I can do it, just about anyone can, if they're ready and willing to.

I EXPRESS GRATITUDE! Amazing. After your office contacted the SSAall changed for much better, their approach, their willingness to assist, and to top aevery single piece of it – task got fulfilled! give special thanks to you!

Look, it's no use trying to stop smoking with a half-hearted attempt - you either want to quit or you don't, there IS NO in between like "cutting down", you're either a smoker or a non smoker - Which one do you want to be?

Well I guess it's a non smoker else you wouldn't still be here, right?
So here's where things start to get interesting for you - My program will guide you through everything
 that you have to do in order to sucessfully combat your cigarette smoking once and for all.

Available as an electronic download (50 page PDF ebook), Stop Smoking in Four Days probably costs less than a multipack of your cigarettes, yet the power packed comprehensive content reveals groundbreaking training that almost forces you to quit smoking in just 4 days!

Gain Immediate Access To:

stop smoking  

 stop smoking today

Technology to the rescue - Chances are, that you probably own enough technology already to skyrocket your Quit Smoking efforts through the roof - I told you it would be fun!

 stop smoking now

 New Life's Eve - This is the day when you finally realize that you're no longer a smoker, and that you'll never, ever smoke again - Very powerful stuff indeed - I strongly urge you to experience this.

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 Brave new world - After your 4 day metamorphosis, your "non smoker" status is highly susceptible to corruption - Follow my key practices in order to keep your status intact.

 stop smoking now

 Don't believe the hype surrounding quitting aids - Learn exactly why you should avoid all but one of these aids - Ignoring this can result in an expensive "additional" addiction and we don't want that!

 stop smoking now

 Discover the only quit smoking aid that I thoroughly recommend and be sure to use it as directed, and not as the manufacturers would have you use it!

 stop smoking now

 Learn how to overcome "Bored Hand Syndrome" - Once you stop smoking you have to teach your hands to do something else and it isn't easy unless you have help - of course, I provide that for you too.

Immediate Access - The entire system is available for instant download once your order has been completed by our secure payment processor.
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stop smiking in four days now 

60 day risk free trial

 8 Week 100% No Risk
Money Back Promise

I'm so confident that you'll be able to quit smoking using my sytem that I'm going to give you 60 full days to try out the program. If you are not 100% satisfied you can request a full, no quibble refund at any time.


Okay Bob I'm Ready to Stop Smoking in 4 Days
for this special introductory Price of $47

purchase stop smoking in 4 days


Yes Bob, I totally understand that this system will cost me about the same as I would have spent on cigarettes for four days!

Yes Bob, I will give this system my best effort and I understand that I can request a refund at any time within 60 days.

Yes Bob, I'm really going to use your sytem as instructed and will finally quit smoking once and for all, whereupon I will thank you profusely..

Yes Bob, I'm ready to start right now, here's my order.



Imagine, within just 12 hours of your last cigarette your body begins the healing process and in just 4 short days you can be free of their addictive hold. Don't you owe it to yourself and your loved ones to make one more attempt at FINALLY defeating this demon - think of the healthier bank balance too!

Bonus 1

Plus, How about this for a crazy bonus - Order Stop Smoking In Four Days, right now and I'll give you personal access to my private emergency telephone line. Yes you heard that right!

Any time that you get real desperate to light up a cigarette, providing you've used my step by step techniques, but you're still having a difficult time, then you can give me a call and I'll do my best to talk you out of it - I can't be any fairer than that.

Bonus 2

I'm currently evaluating a "Lung Detox" program which should speed up the time that it takes for my lungs to recover from their lifetime of abuse. Anyone who purchases my Stop Smoking In Four Days" program will get a FREE copy when I publish it later this year.

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